Excyton to show its novel TurboLED OLED architecture at DisplayWeek 2023 I-Zone

The following is a sponsored post by Excyton

UK-based Excyton is happy to announce that it will showcase its novel TurboLED OLED architecture and technology at the 2023 Displayweek event (May 23-25, Los Angeles, California). Excyton has been accepted to participate at the 2023 I-Zone event.

TurboLED is a game-changing technology that offers a dramatic boost to the performance of displays. In a TurboLED OLED display, each pixel comprises deeper and lighter color red, green and blue emitters to maximize performance - in fact Excyton has shown that the TurboLED architecture leads to a 50% reduction in power consumption, a 3X improvement in emitter lifetime and an increased color gamut. TurboLED displays are especially suited for demanding applications, such as IT displays, automotive displays, gaming monitors, AR/VR headsets, smartphones and wearables.


Excyton calls out to Displayweek participants to visit us at our I-Zone booth, or reach out and schedule a meeting with the team during the event.

The I-Zone, which became one of the most important events at Display Week, was created to provide a special exhibit area for technology prototypes, proofs of concept, and new products. SID welcomes promising early stage companies to participate at the I-Zone and gain free publicity, free exhibition space and expert feedback. Excyton is honored to have been chosen for this year's event.

Posted: May 20,2023 by Ron Mertens