ETRI and KAIST researchers developed a new metal oxide charge transfer complex that can enhance OLED device efficiency

Researchers from Korea's KAIST and ETRI institute developed a new metal oxide charge transfer complex that, when dispersed in the OLED stack, can improve the OLED efficiency.

NiO and MoO3 complex (KAUST, ETRI)

The researchers have applied this material to a green and blue OLED device. The current efficiency of the green OLED was enhanced by 189%, while the external quantum efficiency of the blue OLED was improved by 17%.

The researchers used a material made from nickel oxide and molybdenum oxide nanoparticles, specifically a NiO:MoO3-complex, made from few-nm-size MoO3 domains embedded in NiO matrices. This results in a highly tunable carrier injection material. Dispersing this material improves the electroconductivity in the OLED device.

Posted: Jan 20,2022 by Ron Mertens