eMagin's new SNU OLED deposition machine achieved automated operation

eMagin's new SNU OLED deposition machine has finally achieved automated operation. The company already started producing using the new machine last month, but a part of process needed to be automated and the company now achieved that.

eMagin says that some OLED microdisplay samples produced in the new machine were provided for customers - and these performed well in tests. eMagin's own 1,000-hours long reliability testing is nearly complete, and it's showing positive results. The testing will conclude in mid-September, after which displays from the new machine, including those in inventory, can be shipped to fill customer orders.

eMagin's older Satella machine will continue to used - mostly for R&D of next-gen microdisplays. The new machine has more up time, reduced maintenance, improved consistency, higher overall quality, greater speed of production and higher yield.

Disclosure: the author of this post personally holds shares in eMagin.

Posted: Sep 10,2012 by Ron Mertens