OLED microdisplay maker eMagin has been developing direct-emission OLED microdisplay (also called directly-patterned, or dPd) for many years, and the company today unveiled a new WUXGA (1920x1200) dPd microdisplay prototype. The new display offers a brightness of 10,000 nits, which makes it (according to eMagin) the world’s brightest high-resolution full-color OLED microdisplay.

eMagin WUXGA dPd OLED microdisplay prototype photo

eMagin says that using direct patterning instead of color filters enabled it to improve the brightness 20-fold, compared to its typical XL microdisplays, and 3-4X compared to its brightest XLE microdisplays.

eMagin is working with a tier-one consumer company to develop this technology, including ways of manufacturing it at commercial scale. eMagin is on track to design a 28,000 nits full-color OLED microdisplay by mid-2023.

Disclosure: the author of this post holds some shares in eMagin



OLED brightness

How do these micro displays relate to large screen TVs?

Does the fact they can get 10,000 nits on a micro display mean they can do it on a 55 inch TV?

I assume not but they must do these displays for a reason. 

These are complexity

These are complexity different technologies, the OLED microdisplays and the large-area OLED panels. In addition, for a TV that would be an overkill. With near-eye-displays, especially on outdoor AR, high brightness is required... but for a TV is it not so much needed...

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