OLED microdisplay maker eMagin has been awarded a $2.5 million US Army contract towards a high-brightness, full-color direct-emission OLED microdisplay prototype project. The project includes the development of manufacturing process technologies

eMagin XGA096 OLED-XL photo

The prototype that eMagin will develop will be used in AR systems that provide both sensor and tactical data to soldiers.

This 2-year project will further improve the efficiency, brightness and lifetime of eMagin's proprietary direct-patterned, full-color OLED microdisplays by incorporating additional technological advancements.

eMagin says it is anticipated that upon the successful completion of the prototype, a follow-on production agreement may be issued without the need for a competitive process.

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Ron, do you still own shares in EMAN? You have disclosed in past EMAN posts that you owned shares, but I don't see that disclosure in this post. Thanks.

Hello Gail, I still own these

Hello Gail, I still own these stocks, I just forgot to include the disclosure, and will add it now

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