DisplaySearch says that curved TV shipments will reach almost 800,000 units worldwide in 2014, and sales will grow to over 6 million by 2017. DisplaySearch sees curved TV as a novelty that will actually wear off with time and shipments will trail off in time.

Even though the first curved TV were OLED TVs, there are also curved LCDs and in fact DisplaySearch says that the majority of curved TV shipments will be LCDs (not surprising really as OLED TV prices will remain high in the near future).

According to DisplaySearch, only 100,000 OLED TVs will ship in 2014 (I think DisplaySearch only counts curved panels in this report), and in 2016 shipments will reach a million units. In 2017 shipments will almost double (to nearly 2 million units).

SID DisplayWeek 2021 - DSCC business conferenceSID DisplayWeek 2021 - DSCC business conference