Two weeks ago, Apple unveiled their latest iPhones, the 6 (4.7", 1334x750) and 6 Plus (5.5", 1920x1080) - both with new IPS LCD displays. The measurement experts at DisplayMate did their usual methodical testing on these new phones and compared these to the latest LCD and OLED displays.

Apple included several technical display enhancements in these new displays - like Photo aligned IPS, Dual Domain pixels, and Improved Polarizers. According to DisplayMate, these are indeed very good displays, and the iPhone 6 Plus is the best performing smartphone LCD display ever tested. The iPhone 6 has pretty much the same display, but the lower resolution means rescaled images do not look as good.

But how do these display compare to the latest OLED panels? DisplayMate says that the Galaxy Note 4's Super AMOLED display is still the best mobile display ever, outperforming Apple's newest LCDs mostly due to its dynamic color management and highest color accuracy.

Source: DisplayMate

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