In September 2015 Panasonic unveiled its first OLED TV, the 65" curved 4K TX-65CZ950. The TV uses LG's panel and features Panasonic's 4K Pro tech which includes advanced gradation controls and 3D color look tables, HDR and THX.

Panasonic TX-65CZ950 photo

Panasonic said that this TV outperforms LG's 65" 4K OLEDs (even though the OLED panel is made by LGD and is the same one used in LG's own TVs), and it was expected to cost more than LG's OLED TVs. However, today started offering this TV, with the price set at £2,800 - about $4,000. This seems too low, and it's possible that this is not actually a correct listing.




3D LUT? Oh man, I just wonder

3D LUT? Oh man, I just wonder whether the end user can adjust that... That would be so fantastic!

Currently, I can only use the 3D LUT I created for my projector with madVR. Would be great to be able to create one for the TV and use it for ALL content.

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