Dialog Semiconductor

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Dialog Semiconductor develops mixed-signal circuits for personal portable, short-range wireless, lighting, display and automotive applications.

Dialog developed a PMOLED driving technology called SmartXtend that included multi-line addressing scheme, pre-charge schemes and accurate dynamic current matching. Dialog said that SmartXtend enabled longer lifetime, lower voltage and higher resolution displays (up to 432x240, currently).

Dialog offered two PMOLED drivers both offering SmartXtend, the DA8620 (320x240) and the DA8622 (432x240). The DA8620 was used in Lenovo's S-800 to drive a TDK 2" transparent PMOLED display.

Dialog is no longer offering the SmartXtend driver ICs.

Dialog Semiconductor is based in Germany and the company is listed in the Frankfurt stock exchange (ticker DLG).

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Neue Strasse 95
D-73230 Kirchheim/Teck-Nabern