Danish site publishes LG's 2015 OLED TV price list

Last week LG unveiled nine new OLED TVs, but did not release any pricing information or release dates. Now a Danish web site revealed the prices of five of those TVs, and reportedly these prices originated from LG salesperson.

Here is the full price list. Note that Danish prices include a 25% VAT tax, and are usually higher than in the US. And also these aren't official of course.

  • 55" 4K flat EF9500 - 30,000kr ($4,800 USD)
  • 65" 4K flat EF9500 - 51,500kr ($8,200 USD)
  • 55" 4K curved EG9600 - 31,675kr ($5,000 USD)
  • 65" 4K curved EG9600 - 55,500kr ($8,900 USD)
  • 77" flexible EG9900 - 317,000kr ($50,000 USD)

If we remove the VAT, we get $3,840 for the 4K 55" flat (or a bit more for the curved). Considering that prices in the US will probably be lower, and that the current FHD 55" curved EC9300 costs $2,999 - this is a reasonable price. The new 65" curved 4K is cheaper than last year's model, the 65EC9700 (which costs $9,999 in the US, but never really shipped).

LG's premium 77" bendable TV will cost $50,000. While this may end up being lower in the US ($40,000 without the VAT) - this is still obviously horribly expensive, even for the world's first bendable TV. Hopefully LG will actually launch this TV soon (some 2014 models were announced but never truly shipped). We can expect LG to keep lowering its OLED TV prices in 2015.

Posted: Jan 11,2015 by Ron Mertens


Do they still plan to sell milion TV in 2015 with these prices ?

Very nice, that puts the 65" flat around $6K. I've considered sub-$5K as the range these will start moving, we are getting close.

We are still waiting for OLED TVs with size of 42" (flat, of course) and even more reasonable prices.

If you remove 25% VAT from 4800 you will not get $3600 but $3840

You need to devide the price included with VAT with 1,25 to get the price without VAT

Another example: If you have 100 kr and wrongfully remove 25% you will get 75 kr. If you then try to add 25% VAT you will not get 100. But if you devide 100 with 1,25 you get 80. If you have 80 and add 25% VAT you get will get 100.

Jacob - yes, you're right of course. I fixed my post...

Reasonable price maybe, but hardly competitive...

Even without any VAT, the 55" flat version comes to $3,600. A quick check on Amazon.com shows that a standard 55" LG LED tv costs about $750 which is about a fifth of the OLED version.

Thanks to overcapacity and discount price battles, the TV market is a nightmare right now. So even with reduced prices I would be very surprised if LG sells more than just a handful of their OLED TVs because honestly: Not too many people will be willing to pay this kind of money...

Thats fine... i didnt have much hopes for 2015 being the year when OLED is afordable anyway.

HOPEFULLY 2016 will be the year. I personally need them to combine OLED with adaptivesync before i buy one.

If they can stuff their oled tvs full of useless features and software that only adds cost they might aswell add a actually USEFULL feature that doesnt add cost.