LG Electronics announced six new OLED TVs - including some curved TVs, some flat ones - and also the world's first bendable TV. All of LG's new TVs use 4K resolution. LG Display says that LG is committed to the "superior qualities of OLED" and sees 2015 as the breakout year for OLED TVs.

LG OLED TVs at CES 2015

So the most interesting TV is probably the EG9900, which features a 77" 4K OLED panel that can be switched from a flat state to a curved one. It uses a newly developed anti-glare filter and is powered by a ten-core processor (!). LG did not disclose the price and release date of this TV. But it'll probably be very expensive as the company's fixed curved 77" 4K OLED was priced at $29,999 in 2014.

More down-to-earth are LG's new EF9500 and EG9600 series. Those are 4K flat screen (EF9500) and curved (EG9600) TVs that also use the new anti-glare filter. They are based on aquad-core CPU and run LG's new webOS 2.0 smart TV operation system. Those OLED TVs come in 55" and 65" sizes, and will be LG's mainstream OLED models for 2015.

LG 2015 OLED TV lineup photo

The final OLED TV is the EF9800, a higher-end 65" 4K flat OLED TV that comes bundled with an external Harman Kardon sound bar and LG's new anti-glare filter. The EF9800 is powered by the same ten-core (!) processor used in the 77" bendable TV, runs the WebOS 2.0 OS.

LG did not disclose the prices and release date of these new TVs, but hopefully they will do so soon (maybe when CES actually starts tomorrow). In 2015 LG will sell 11 models (those mentioned above and also the 4K 65" EC9700 and 4K 77" EG9700 announced in 2014). All of those TVs will offer 4K resolution, and LG will probably stop selling its Full-HD OLEDs soon.



Have to disagree ;)

"So the most interesting TV is probably the EG9900"

I think the most interesting to most people will be that which will be the cheapest. ;)It's great though to see that all will be 4K. That means there won't be a situation where 1080p ones would be affordable but 4K just around the corner and people wondering "Should I wait or not?".


It begs the question though... many 4K OLED TVs but still no Full-HD 22" (or so) monitor? WHAT GIVES?! -_-

It all depend on how you

It all depend on how you define "interesting" - but I mostly agree with what you say. Regarding the OLED monitor issue, check out my past article on that, I think you'll find it "interesting"...

Im paying money for a display

Im paying money for a display only when there are 100hz 4k OLED tv`s with freesync. (100 REAL hz, not interpolated or anything)

So, i guess i can ignore all of this till CES2017 at least.

I of course read that one and

I of course read that one and commented on it already back when you first published it. Still, thanks for the link. ;)

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