CPT shows flexible and transparent AMOLED prototypes

Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) had some pretty interesting prototype OLED displays shown at the Touch Taiwan 2014 trade show last month. We do not have any information regarding how close are these prototypes to commercialization.

So first up is a flexible AMOLED display. This panel is 4.8" in size and 720x240 resolution (158 PPI). The company did not reveal any more technical details. The company also showed some simpler flexible PMOLED panels, demonstrating their sealing capabilities by immersing them under water (see image below).

Next are a couple of transparent AMOLEDs. CPT was showing a 6" panel that uses an IGZO backplane, and a 4.7" that uses an a-Si backplane.

Finally, CPT also showed a google-glass like headset that uses a 0.5" SVGA OLED microdisplay. CPT already showed a similar prototype (maybe the same one?) in September 2013. Back then I speculated that the microdisplay maker is OLighTEK. Back in 2013 CPT said that the headset is "ready to ship".

As far as I know, CPT started small-scale commercial AMOLED production in October 2013. The company started developing AMOLED panels and established a small-sized pilot line in 2012.

Posted: Sep 07,2014 by Ron Mertens