Corning announces Lotus NXT Glass, an improved high performance display glass substrate

Corning announced an updated version of their high-performance (LCD and OLED) display glass substrate, the Lotus NXT Glass. The new glass improves the 2nd-gen XT glass (launched exactly two years ago in May 2013) with lower total pitch variations.

Corning Lotus XT

The new glass has improved stability, and better total pitch variation performance. According to Corning, this enables display makers to produce more efficient displays (up to 15% lower power consumption), or higher resolution displays (by up to 100 additional pixels per inch). The Lotus NXT can also improve display production yields - by up to 1.5%. It's not quite clear if these numbers refer to the improvement over Lotus XT or other glass substrates on the market

Corning launched the original Lotus Glass in October 2011. In February 2012 they launched a joint-venture with Samsung to produce Lotus Glass in Korea. In 2013 we posted an interview with Corning's Corning's High Performance Displays VP and General Manager and the commercial director and program manager of Willow Glass Substrates (flexible glass).

Posted: Jun 02,2015 by Ron Mertens