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Publicly traded oled companies
Could we get together a list of companies that are publicly traded with ticker symbols, recent prices, etc.  CDT has gone to Sumitomo chemical, and all I can find is Aixtron (AIXG)  and Universal Display (PANL).  Samsung is available, but which company (electro-mechanics or electronic or the distribution company) and Sony is possible, but oled might be just a drop in the bucket for such large companies.  There must be some S.Korean companies with or without ADRs. Manufacturing, research/development, and sales companies could be on this list.
Ron Mertens
What about Kodak? They might

What about Kodak? They might be an interesting play, although they are also big and the OLEDs will not make a large impact I guess. And now they are starting to actually buy OLED panels from CMEL, it's an interesting development.

Another possibility is the microdisplay companies - both eMagin and MED are traded, and are just into OLEDs. But it's risky...

do you know the ticker for cmel?
Ron Mertens
CMEL is not public... it's

CMEL is not public... it's part of the Chi Mei group, which is private as far as I know (they have one listed company Chi Mei Optoelectronics).


CMEL 2.4&2.8 yield now is only 30%(G1~G3)

CMEL 2.4&2.8 yield now is only 30%(G1~G3)

not like this web say" 2.2-2.8-inch AMOLED panels, with an average yield of 70%."


CMEL the second AMOLED line is Korea company

3DIcon OLED Patent News (TDCP)

FWIW.  Check out the recent OLED related patent news filed by 3DIcon (TDCP).  They are working with OU to develop true 3D display technologies to license to companies in a variety of industries.   They keep creating little breakthroughs like Pixel Precision which supports Texas Instrument's DMD Discovery (DLP) technology, and now this new way of using OLED to create wafer thin 2D and 3D displays.  They are a fully reporting OTCBB company and the share price has been down in the 52 week low range.  Good things to come for this company, so keep this on your watch list. 

www.3dicon.net for more info on this company.

10QSB should be out Thursday
3DIcon should be releasing their 1Q results this Thursday.  Watch for volume the next couple days.
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Cambridge Isotope Laboratories - Deutreated Reagents and High-Purity Gases for OLEDsCambridge Isotope Laboratories - Deutreated Reagents and High-Purity Gases for OLEDs