Cintelliq released a new report (OLED Lighting: products, pricing, capacity, costs and forecasts 2013 - 2022), and they forecast that OLED lighting will grow into a $3 billion market by 2020 - and OLEDs will then be a serious competitor to LED lighting. Cintelliq says that OLED lighting prices are falling fast and will reach €1,000/m2 by 2015/2016. This will cause demand (luminaires for the office, retail and hospitality sectors at first) to accelerate.

Cintelliq says that demand will mostly be for rigid and flexible panels. Color and transparent OLEDs will remain a niche even in 2020.

Cintelliq seems to be more optimistic regarding OLED lighting than other research companies. Nanomarkets says that the market will only take off in 2017 (if at all - they still cannot identify the OLED lighting champion that is required to lift the industry). IDTechEx says that in the "most likely" scenario, the OLED market will grow to $1.3 billion in 2023.


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