Toppan Printing and Cambridge Display Technology Plot Route to Lower Cost Displays

Toppan Printing and Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) have just announced the commencement of Phase Two of their joint programme to explore alternative printing processes for the fabrication of displays based on PLED technology.

Phase One, completed at the end of 2004, concentrated on proving the feasibility of using a roll printing process to deposit light emitting polymer materials onto a glass substrate.

Phase Two focuses on the performance of roll printed displays. It aims to produce displays by roll printing which have lifetime, efficiency and colour fidelity comparable to displays produced by ink jet printing. Full colour demonstrators of VGA resolution and 12" diagonal will be the product of the next two year program.

Both CDT and Toppan are very pleased with the results of Phase One and are optimistic about the prospects for future success.

Posted: Feb 23,2005 by Ron Mertens