Dr J Devin McKenzie, Add-Vision's CTO was interviewed about Printed-Electronics today. He gave the following comment on their goals for 2010:

Add-Vision is supporting it's licensees as they scale up to pilot manufacturing and begin commercialization of printed flexible OLEDs. AVI R&D groups are focused on increasing efficiency of the manufacturing process and refining performance of printed devices towards product specifications.

As far as we know, Bayer AG is the only Add-Vision licensee (announced in June 2009). So he is probably talking about them. it's great news to hear they are gearing up towards pilot manufacturing, and perhaps even commercialization of printed flexible Polymer-OLEDs. These will probably be small and cheap displays, as Bayer said they want to address the active packaging and labels, gift cards, electronic toys and games, promotional products or point-of-sale signage markets.

Update: Here's another interesting interview with Add-Visions' CEO. He says that they actually have 4 licensees - Bayer, Toppan Forms, Alps Electric and CDT. So we're not sure now who's actually the one to start a pilot line in 2010...

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