AUO uses Corning's Lotus Glass in its new HD AMOLED panels

Corning announced today that it has been collaborating with AUO on high-performance displays, and AUO's new 5" HD720 AMOLED panels shown at Touch Taiwan use Corning's Lotus Glass. As far as I understand, they are using Corning's latest generation Lotus Glass XT.

AUO says they selected the Lotus Glass platform because of the glass substrate's outstanding thermal and dimensional stability, which facilitates efficient panel manufacturing during rigorous, high-temperature processing.

4.4-inch AUO AMOLED prototype

As far as we know AUO isn't mass producing AMOLEDs yet. But this latest collaboration announcement with Corning perhaps means that they are getting closer to do so. AUO also developed 5" Full-HD (443 PPI) AMOLED panels, but apparently the 720p ones are closer to production.

Posted: Aug 29,2013 by Ron Mertens