AUO OLED Lighting panels: more details and a photo

We've got some more information about AUO's OLED Lighting panels (unveiled at the FPD 2010 exhibition). AUO is showing two panels. The first is a large (245x295mm active size, the module measure 314x333mm) and thin (1.6mm) with 50lm/W efficiency. The color temperature is 3,000K, the luminance is 1500cd/m2 and the color rendering index (CRI) is over 80.

Prototype OLED panels (AUO, 2010)

The OLED is made from both phosphorescent and fluorescent materials. This probably means that they use phosphorescent Red and Green and fluorescent Blue. Back in 2006, AUO used Universal Display's PHOLED materials for their AMOLED displays, so it's pretty safe to assume that UDC is also providing materials and/or IP for AUO lighting panels.

The 50lm/W was achieved by using an optical sheet on the panel. Without the optical sheet, the panel offers 20lm/W efficiency. AUO also exhibited a high-CRI panel - but this means that the efficiency is lower.

Posted: Nov 12,2010 by Ron Mertens