Audi's 2024 Q6 e-tron to sport a main AMOLED display

Audi unveiled the interior design of it upcoming 2024 Q6 e-tron EV SUV. The car will have three displays: A main 14.5" multimedia display, a 11.9" virtual instrument cluster and a 10.9" passenger display. There are conflicting reports, but it seems that at least one of these displays will be an OLED (and maybe all of them, we do not know yet).

The Q6 e-tron will also feature Audi's second-gen OLED taillight technology, that use a total of 360 individual OLED panels built into 6 different lighting panels (The OLEDs are likely produced by OLEDWorks, like all of Audi's recent OLED panels.

Posted: Sep 04,2023 by Ron Mertens