Sony logo Smarthouse (responsible for a lot of rumors lately) are claiming that Sony is working on a new 'secret' TV technology. This new tech is not OLED and not LED backed LCD, but rather a 'spin-off technology' that is reportedly easier and cheap to make than current display technology. It is also power efficient. Smarthouse say that this new technology is the reason that Sony decided not to release a new OLED TV.

Smarthouse says that they talked to a Sony insider who told them this. They also base this on an AP interview with a Sony executive a couple of days ago - but personally I think that they mis-read that interview. The executive indeed says that Sony needs their own technology, but he is talking about the ability to make their own TV panels and not buy them from Samsung like they do for LCDs.

It's possible that Sony are indeed upgrading their OLED TV technology, making it suitable for larger panels. They recently stopped their pilot production line, which was loss making, and are supposed to launch a new larger OLED TV soon (the KDL-ZK)




It would make sence if they are working with Samsung on TMOS screen technology since they already work together on LCD screens and from reading earlier on what Samsung is up to and the results of the TMOS screens and easy by that tech can be adapted to existing production lines it would make sense. Just watch this space!
2010 is going to be an interesting year.

Sony in secret talks with Canon to sell and distribute SED

Canon are currently in talks with Sony in regard to licencing and selling SED panels, these talks are because of Canon lacks the distribution network needed
for a television display product, this was the role Toshiba was to have had in the
original tie up with Canon, the SED panel is ready to go, there are currently some 832 people employed by SED Inc, which is part of Canon

Well, we'll soon see some

Well, we'll soon see some news of TMOS, 3rd of December they'll probably show off their roadmap for 2010.
And thanks for bringing this up, I hope for a nice desktop monitor to game with... and it supposedly won't cost a leg.

Samsung and Sony? Not likely
It's not likely and Sony and Samsung are working together on TMOS displays. At least that's not Sony's new TV technology - Sony said that one of the reasons they didn't succeed in the LCD TV market is the fact that they didn't make their own displays, and had to buy from Samsung. So if they are now collaborating, it'll be strange. I don't think TMOS is ready for TVs yet anyway...
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