March 2022

LORDIN hopes to launch a commercial blue OLED emitter by 2024, plans to go public later in 2022

The Elec reports that Korea-based LORDIN is progressing with its blue OLED emitter technology. The company recently filed for a high-efficiency blue OLED emission patent, and according to the company's plans it aims to have a commercial blue OLED emitter out in 2024.

Not much is known about LORDIN's technology, beyond a statement by LORDIN that says it aims to achieve over 90% IQE, and that it is based on the control of energy transfer speed between emitter molecules. the energy transfer speed between molecules inside the material to increase efficiency.

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ETNews: LGD is evaluating 8.5 Gen OLED production equipment

Demand for IT OLED displays used in laptops, tablets and monitors is on the rise, and OLED makers (Led by Samsung Display) are rushing to develop 8.5-Gen OLED deposition technologies to increase IT display production capacity. Last month DSCC said that there are currently 11 different 15K G8.5 IT OLED lines under development.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold photo

ETNews now reports that LG Display is one of the companies looking to construct 8.5-Gen OLED lines. LGD is already evaluation production equipment,such as vertical deposition tools by Sunic Systems, deposition sources by YAS and more.

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Samsung launches three new AMOLED phones, the A33, A53 and the A73

Samsung announced three new Samsung Galaxy phones, in its popular mid-range A-series. First up is the Galaxy A33 which features a 6.4" 90Hz 1080x2400 Super AMOLED display, and the second is the Galaxy A53 which features a larger 6.5" 120Hz 1080x2400 Super AMOLED display.

Samsung Galaxy A33 photo

Most interesting is the Galaxy A73,which sports a 6.7" 120Hz 1080x2400 Super AMOLED+. It is not clear what Samsung refers to as a Super AMOLED+, it could be a non-pentile display like the old Super AMOLED Plus displays.

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MicroLED-Info launches private microLED seminar service

MicroLEDs are seen as the future of the display industry, bringing higher brightness, more efficient and longer lasting displays that will enable new and exciting production paradigms and business models.

Our sister site MicroLED-Info is now offering companies a comprehensive private microLED seminar that will cover the present and future of the microLED industry and market.

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LG Display announces the 20 semifinalists in the 2nd OLED Go! design competition

LG Display, together with British design magazine Dezeen announced the semifinalists in the 2nd OLED Go! Design competition. LG says that there was high interest in this year's competition, with over 300 entries from all over the world, with many innovative ideas.

OLED Go! 2 design contest, Totem concept image

Many of the designs utilized future flexible, rollable and transparent OLEDs to create new innovative future products, for both residential and commercial applications.

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Korea media reports that Chinese display makers are stepping up efforts to recruit Korean OLED experts

An interesting post from Business Korea says that Chinese OLED display makers are stepping up efforts to recruit OLED experts from Korea.

The Chinese companies, supported by the local governments, are specifically targeting managers in LG Display and Samsung Display, offering increase in salaries sometimes up to 5X or even 10X and free residence and flight tickets. The government in China is also supporting the local display industry with large subsidies to decrease fab construction costs.

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BOE aims to develop tandem OLED displays for Honor smartphones, and hopefully to Apple iPads in the future

According to a report from Korea, BOE is in talks with China-based smartphone producer Honor regarding the supply of tandem (dual-stack) OLED displays to be used in Honor's smartphones.

Honor Magic4 Pro photo

BOE hopes that its tandem OLED panels will reduce power consumption by around 30% compared to a single-stack OLED display, which will enable Honor to adopt a smaller battery and a thinner design. Both companies hopes to be able to introduce the panels and the smartphones that use it by the end of 2022.


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Samsung's QD-OLED panels receive two new SGS certifications for pro gaming and eye care

Samsung Display announced that its QD-OLED displays received two new certifications from SGS - Pro Gaming Verified and Eye Care Display.

SGS certification for Samsung QD-OLED displays image

SDC says that the QD-Displays received high marks for outstanding image quality and viewing experience for games and high-definition content, while simultaneously reducing eye stress and fatigue. Back in January Samsung's QD-Displays received three SGS certifications for True Color Tones, Pure RGB Luminance and Ultrawide Viewing Angle.

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2022 OLED Korea Conference to take place on April 6, Busan Korea

2022 OLED KOREA CONFERENCE will be held at Shilla Stay in Busan from April 6-8. From smartphones business, Samsung Display is expanding into IT OLED business to products such as notebooks and tablet PCs. Samsung Display Vice President, Yongsuk Choi will kick off the conference with the theme, OLED Innovation for Post-Pandemic Era in his keynote.

OLED Korea 2022 - event banner

Hyeon Woo Lee, Senior Vice President of LG Display will deliver the keynote on the ever-evolving large OLED for TVs and OLED.EX. Commonly know for growth in smartphone-oriented mobile products, the OLED market achieved impressive growth in the TV and IT markets in 2021. Choong Hoon Yi of UBI Research will give an overview of OLED performance in 2021 and market forecasts by application products. He will discuss investment prospects and business direction of panel makers and detail China’s rapidly growing OLED investment and business analysis.

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