Google and Samsung to announce the Nexus-Two phone soon?

Update 2: There are new rumors about this device, calling it the Nexus-S, with some great features...

Update: according to this SlashGear post, Samsung denies these rumors and say that they are "simply not true"...

There are reports that Google and Samsung are set to announce the 'Nexus-Two' phone soon. It will be based on the Samsung Galaxy S phone (and so have a 4" WVGA 800X480 Super-AMOLED display), the only difference is the addition of a front-facing camera and a newer version of Android (v2.3).

Google Nexus S

Google's Nexus-S (the successor to the Nexus-One) is made by Samsung and is based around the new Android v2.3 'Gingerbread' OS. It has a 4" Super-AMOLED 'Contour display' (which  means that the glass is curved, it's not a flexible OLED), triband HSPA, 5mp camera, NFC, 16GB of on-board storage, a gyroscope and a 1Ghz Cortex A8 processor.

ITRI developed a 6" flexible color AMOLED

Taiwas's ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) has developed a new 6" flexible color AMOLED, using their FlexUPD technology. The display is just 0.01cm thick, and can continue to show images even when folded. The folding radius can reach 5cm or less, and the screen can be scrolled up to 15,000 times.

ITRI says that their FlexUPD technology is the simplest and cheapest technology for mass production paper-like displays. FlexUPD will be commercialized soon, and AUO plans to use it for flexible e-reader products "very soon".

NanoMarkets: OLED Lighting materials sales to reach $1.4 Billion by 2015

Nanomarkets logoNanomarkets has released a new OLED-Lighting report (OLED Lighting Materials Market Trends and Impact). According to the new report, the sales of materials for OLED-Lighting will reach $1.4 billion in 2015.

Nanomarkets says that electron transport layer (ETL) materials will contribute the largest revenues with $370 million in sales in 2015, sales of emissive layer materials will reach almost $210 million. Substrates and encapsulation will together account for almost 20% of the OLED lighting materials market in 2015.

InZiv - Transforming inspection of OLED, MicroLED, and QLEDInZiv - Transforming inspection of OLED, MicroLED, and QLED