Fraunhofer unveils new OLED lighting panels to be released Q1 2011

Update: we've got a nice video of the TABOLA panels, and also official word that the transparent ones will be available in Q1 2011 as well.

The Fraunhofer IPMS Institute unveiled new OLED lighting panels called TABOLA (the full name is TABOLA OLED Light Tablets), set to be released in Q1 2011. These will be available in three sizes (35 x 75mm², 75 x 75mm² and 150 x 75 mm²), and can be made bottom emitting or transparent. The standard color will be white, but they can also make them in other colors. The tablets can also optionally come with a 'grid' - shaped like a Liana (a vine).

These will be sample panels: the idea is that customers can perform tests and sample designs. This is the same as we've seen from Philips, Osram and Lumiotec: these aren't real commercial panels. The TABOLA will be made at COMEDD, Fraunhofer's Organic Electronics production center in Dresden, Germany (on a Gen-2 production line, structured by screen printing).

We don't have a lot of technical information yet. The brightness is 1000 cd/m², and they say that almost no heat is generated. The TABOLA featured a stacked OLED: the grid versions (with the Liana-like grid) will feature double unit stack and the grid-free version will use a triple unit stack.

Posted: Oct 17,2010 by Ron Mertens