Announcing a new OLED-Info product, calling out to OLED developers and supply chain companies to send brochures and presentations

We are excited to pre-announce a new OLED-Info product, a comprehensive information resource for the OLED Industry which will combine multiple existing OLED-Info products into one with various exciting additions. 

The new product will be launched in early 2024 to form a must-have information platform for companies in the display industry, and will include five different parts:

  • An information guide to OLED technologies, processes, the industry and the market
  • Market status and industry roadmaps
  • OLED technology, market and industry analysis and insights - written by Ron Mertens based on years of experience in the display industry 
  • Structured data (spreadsheets) on OLED production lines, devices with OLED displays, OLED producers, supply chain companies (with contact details) and more
  • In-depth articles by multiple industry experts illuminating various processes, materials, devices, analysis, insights and more
  • Brochures, presentations, catalogs and other content items contributed by industry players (display makers, supply chain companies, analysts and more)

The new product is progressing well, and it's now time to reach out to the industry, inviting OLED supply chain companies and OLED developers to provide their own brochures, presentations, catalogs and any other content items - including an email address for potential customers and partners. We believe this will be a good opportunity to expose your technology to the OLED industry at large and to help us educate and inform OLED and display professionals. Contact us for more details.


The new product signifies a paradigm shift from the OLED Handbook and our current market reports, as it will no longer be a topical summary but rather a one-stop-shop information repository for the OLED industry.

In 2011, we launched the OLED Handbook, an introduction guide to the OLED industry. Thousands of copies of the Handbook were sold over the years, and we feel the industry has now progressed to the point where the basic introduction information needs to be complemented by more in-depth information and structured industry and market information.

This is what our new product will aim to provide.

Posted: Nov 13,2023 by Ron Mertens