Acuity Brands announce new hybrid OLED and LED light luminaries

Acuity Brands announced new luminaries that use both LED and OLED light sources. Acuity Brands calls this new technology "Duet SSL", saying that "the interplay of the two solid-state technologies effectively combines the focused and directed light benefits of LEDs with the soft, uniform glow of OLEDs, offering specifiers new and more dynamic ways for lighting a space".

Acuity Brands Duet SSL photo

Acuity Brands announced two new concept Duet SSL families, the Imoni and Olessence, which you can see above. Each product family features several form factors and applications. We assume these new lamps adopt LG Chem's OLED panels, as in most of Acuity Brand's OLED luminaires.

Posted: May 08,2015 by Ron Mertens