Visionox shows its latest OLED and MicroLEDs at Displayweek 2024

During Displayweek 2024, Visionox demonstrated many OLED display technologies and panels, and also an interesting microLED prototypes (produced by its subsidiarity Vistar).

Visionox is in the final stages of development of its ViP maskless display production process, and the company showcased some nice ViP smartphone panel prototypes (the technology can be used for any panel size). ViP offers a high improvement in aperture ratio (69% up from 29%) which results in low power consumption and brightness (up to 4X according to Visionox), improved lifetime (up to 6X), improved PPI and more.


Visionox also showed a 2K (1440x3190, 514 PPI) smartphone display with very slim bezels - 0.8 mm on the bottom and 0.67 mm on the sides. Another displays was a 12.6" 2880x1800 (274 PPI) AMOLED display based on an Oxide-TFT (IGZO) backplane. The display offers a variable refresh rate, ranging from 1 to 180Hz.

Next we saw a nice transparent AMOLED, a panel that is about 10 inch in size, with a resolution of 900x600. The panel has 60% transparency, that's quite impressive to an OLED display. Visionox also showed two transparent OLED panels, placed on wooden surfaces, these were very beautiful settings.

Visionox also demonstarted several automotive AMOLED displays. One such panel was a 14.2" slidable (rollable) OLED display, with a sliding radius of 10 mm and a distance of 75 mm.

The company demonstrated an interesting prototype of an AMOLED display that has an under-the-display directional sound technology, which means that only a person just in front of the display hears it. It was quite a good demonstration.

Visionox also showed several wearable and smartphone panels, showcasing the companies capabilities to produce LTPO backplanes, in-cell touch panels, multi-lens arrays and polarizer-free OLEDs.

Finally, Visionox showed a very impressive 88-inch (0.5 mm pitch) tiled microLED display, based on 25 micron LEDs. The company also showed how a single 14.5" module looks like.

Posted: May 27,2024 by Ron Mertens