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LG's wallpaper OLEDs also coming to its commercial OLED signage range

Jan 01, 2017

Yesterday we posted about LG's upcoming Wallpaper OLEDW7 TV launch at CES 2017, and today it turns out that LG Electronics is also launching a similar wallpaper TV for its commercial OLED signage range.

LG's model number for its Wallpaper Signage OLED TV is 55EJ5C-B (at least in the UK). This TV uses a 55" FHD panel (which is quite disappointing - I would have expected a 4K one!). LG already lists the TV in its UK and HK sites and also published the installation video above. also lists the price of this panel - £5,599 (almost $7,000 USD).

LG teases its upcoming wallpaper OLED TVs

Dec 31, 2016

LG Electronics published the following teaser - calling our attention to its upcoming 2017 OLED TV range:

This is a clear reference to LG's Wallpaper OLED TVs. These TVs will be extremely thin, and the panel itself sticks to the wall using magnets. In May 2015 LG Display demonstrated a prototype - 0.97 mm thick 55" OLED panel that sticks to the wall using magnets. The entire 55" OLED panel weighs only 1.9 Kg.

OLED Microdisplays Market Report

Impressions from a visit to StoreDot

Dec 11, 2016

StoreDot was established in 2011, to commercialize bio-organic quantum dots based on a process developed at Tel Aviv University. The company's first product was to be a memory device - hence the name StoreDot. In 2013 I visited the company in its Ramat Gan office to report on its quantum dot advances for display applications.

StoreDot office photo

Since 2013, a lot has happened at StoreDot. The company changed its direction and is now focused on a new organic-material synthesis method that enabled it to develop nanomaterials that exhibit quantum dot like performance but that are not actually quantum dots. The company is now targeting two applications - fast charging batteries and displays. StoreDot has moved to large offices in Herzelia, has now over 60 employees and raised over $60 million dollars (led by Samsung Ventures). The one thing that did not change is the name - even though the company is neither into memory devices nor quantum dots anymore...

Truly starts mass producing AMOLED displays

Nov 28, 2016

Hong Kong-based Truly Semiconductors started working on its AMOLED fab in 2014, and in May 2015 estimated that production will begin in Q1 2016. The fab was delayed, and a few months later it was estimated that production will begin in September 2016.

Truly have finally announced that the fab is now online, and the company is starting AMOLED mass production. Truly published the (rather overdone and weird) video you see above - and according to the video the company is targeting smartphones, wearables, VR and automotive applications.

The OLED lighting panels in Audi's TT RS are produced by Osram

Nov 02, 2016

April 2016 Audi unveiled its 2016 TT RS coupe - with optional OLED taillights. This is the world's first serially-produced car to have OLED taillights, and up until now we did not know the lighting producer (it was rumored to be LGD, but that was later denied).

Today Osram revealed that it is producing those OLED lighting panels for Audi. Osram also reveals that each module contains four patterned OLED panels with a total light-emitting area of 49 cm2 and a brightness of 1,000 cd/m2. The module is mounted on a holder with a mirrored bezel, guaranteeing optimum visibility on the road.

Did Panasonic demonstrate large transparent OLED displays?

Oct 05, 2016

Panasonic demonstrated a new transparent display, showing several use cases for this technology - in wine refrigerators, in living room cabinets and more.

Panasonic transparent OLED TV demo photo (2016)

According to reports, this is Panasonic's 2nd gen transparent displays. The first generation displays were LCD (LED) based displays, but the company was not happy with the quality of the display and the low transparency. Changing to an OLED display resulted in better transparency and great images - virtually indistinguishable from non transparent TVs.

Skyworth demonstrates a dual-view 55" OLED display

Sep 09, 2016

Chinese TV makers Skyworth demonstrated a dual-view 55" OLED display - this is a device that include two OLED panels, probably aimed towards signage and commercial applications. The OLED panels themselves are probably provided by LG Display.

In September 2015 LG Display presented its own double-sided OLED display prototypes, in both curved and flat formats. In March 2016 LG officially launched those products under their new commercial OLED unit.

LGD installs almost 800 OLED lighting panels at LG's IFA 2016 Signature pavilion

Sep 08, 2016

LG's IFA 2016 presence was very impressive, it seems. Besides the huge OLED "tunnel" at the entrance to LG's booth, LG Display also installed a large OLED lighting installation at the company's Signature's Pavilion.

The installation, designed by Jason Bruges, portrayed the "constellation of rays scattered throughout space" to express the "wonderful qualities and extreme white and dark contrasts" of LG's Signature OLED TVs. The installation used 780 OLED panels, including some flexible ones.

Here's a video of Vestel's first OLED TV

Sep 08, 2016

A few days ago Turkish-based TV maker Vestel demonstrated its first OLED TVs at the IFA 2016 trade show. This is a 65" 4K HDR TV (with panels provided by LG Display).

Vestel did not yet reveal the model number or any pricing details or release date. The video above shows Vestel's booth and those new OLED TVs.