Samsung shows its latest OLED and QD-EL displays at Displayweek 2024

Samsung Display had a rather large booth at Displayweek 2024, showing its latest OLED displays and technologies. Samsung showed several displays - including foldable smartphone panels, laptop and tablet displays, two QD-OLED displays, its 9.4" round automotive AMOLED, and more.

One interesting display was a panel that combines a foldable and a rollable display, that can open up to an impressively large display. Samsung brands it as a Flex Note Extendable Display.


Samsung also showed a new ultra-thin (it did not mention how thin) 16" 3200x2000 AMOLED display, that is produced on an Oxide-TFT. The display supports a variable refresh rate (1-120Hz). Samsung says that at 1Hz, the display consumes 21% of the power it consumers at 120Hz.

Samsung demonstrated two tandem-stack OLEDs, supporting a typical brightness of 1,000 nits (and 1,100 nits). The two displays were 12.3" 1920x720 and 15.7" 2880x1620. Samsung relates to these as Ultra High Brightness OLEDs.

Beyond the round automotive AMOLEDs, Samsung also showed a large 34" curved display that is made from several "seamlessly" attached AMOLEDs, creating a display with a resolution of 6008x934. The brightness (Typical) is 1,100 nits (it is likely these OLEDs are also with a tandem stack).

On display was also Samsung's latest OLED microdisplay, a 1.03" one that is based on an RGB architecture. It is not clear how close is Samsung to commercialize this display, and whether it is based on technology developed by eMagin (which Samsung acquired last year).

Samsung did not show any of its microLED display, but it did show a 18.2" 3200x1800 (202 PPI) 250 nits QD-EL display, that was produced using an inkjet-printing process, based on cadmium-free QDs.

Posted: May 22,2024 by Ron Mertens