SDC demonstrates new automotive OLEDs, including transparent and mirror ones

Samsung Display demonstrated several new OLED prototypes for the automotive market at SID 2016. The company showed three different panels - a transparent OLED, a mirror-OLED and a 'regular' OLED. All three were 7" in size, but with different resolution and specifications.

So first up we have the transparent OLED. This is a 7" panel with a resolution of 480x272 (79 PPI). The transparency is 45% and the brightness is 1,000 nits.

SDC 7'' transparent automotive OLED at SID 2016

The second display is the mirror OLED. This 7" display has a higher resolution of 960x540 (157 PPI) but is only 300 nits bright (peak brightness is 600 nits, though). The reflectance is 75%.

SDC 7'' mirror automotive OLED at SID 2016

And finally we have the 'regular' so called rigid OLED. This 7" display has an even higher resolution of 1280x800 (216 PPI) - but it's still a low-density display compared to Samsung's mobile phone displays, for example, that reach over 500 PPI. The brightness is 350 nis (peak 600 nits).

SDC 7'' rigid automotive OLED at SID 2016

The Automotive market is an attractive one for display makers. LG Display announced its entry to the flexible OLED automotive market back in July 2014 - and in January 2016 LGD first unveiled its 12.3" Full-HD flexible OLED panels for the automotive market. According to reports Mercedes will adopt these panels in future E-Class cars, and a different report says that Tesla is also in talks with LGD.

SDC Automotive Poster at SID 2016

It's great to see that Samsung Display is also interested in this market, and hopefully these displays will be available commercially soon. Samsung announced it is developing flexible OLEDs for the automotive market in 2014, and collaborated with Audi to demonstrate some interesting concepts. Want to learn more about this market? Check out our comprehensive Automotive OLED Market Report, updated last month.

Posted: Jun 04,2016 by Ron Mertens