Philips: OLED lighting sample time is over, we now ship them as regular products

In April 2009, Philips started offering OLED lighting panel samples (and was the first company to do so). For over 5 years, Philips shipped many types of OLEDs, but they were still considered a technical gadget. The panels were offered via a special Lumiblade online shop.

Today Philips told me that OLED is now an official "product" of Philips. The lumiblade shop is closed, and the OLED panels will be available via the normal Philips OEM shops. Currently this only so in Europe, but this will soon be true globally. Philips says that "OLED sample time is over" - OLEDs have matured enough to become a real lighting product.

Currently Philips offers just a single OLED panel, the Lumiblade Brite FL300 - a 12x12 cm (10x10 cm active area) panel that offers up to 300 lumens brightness, 50 lm/W and a color temperature of either 3000K or 4000K. Philips also assured me that new OLED panels are on the way.

Posted: Oct 11,2014 by Ron Mertens