Philips develops new software to solve burn-in issues in OLED TVs

Philips recently announced its latest OLED TVs, the OLED 805, and the company is apparently worried about burn-in issues, and it is developing software technology to mitigate such issues - specifically the problem with network logos.

Philips OLED805 photo

Pocket-lint reports that it has seen Philips' new technology being demonstrated. Philips' algorithm recognizes these logos, and reduces the brightness of the pixels that display the logo. This extends the lifetime of these pixels and should keep them at the same level as other pixels that do not display constant logos.

Philips' technology requires dedicated hardware, and is not likely to be available in TVs before 2020. The company however is also working on a software-only solution which could be added to existing OLED TVs.

Posted: Jan 28,2020 by Ron Mertens