MicroLEDs used to fix and replace an old OLED lighting installation in Taipei

Many years ago, The W Hotel in Taipei installed an OLED installation called You Fade to Light, designed by rAndom International creative studio and powered by Philips' OLED lighting panels. This beautiful piece consists of 2,000 modules, each lighting up as a response to people moving in front of it.

After several years these OLED panels started to fail (and fade, which is rather ironic given the installation's name), and now the hotel replaced the OLED panels with microLED-powered panels. It is said that the microLEDs achieved the same level of uniformity and light output of the OLEDs, maybe even surpassing them.


The microLEDs were produced by PlayNitride in Taiwan. Each single module included over 14,000 microLEDs, and in total there are over 30 million microLEDs.

Posted: Oct 05,2023 by Ron Mertens


As a person with a fair amount of OLED lights in my home, I dread the day when( If ) I'll need to replace them.