Konica Minolta's flexible OLED lighting panels now available globally

In March 2014 Konica Minolta announced that it is starting to construct a R2R flexible OLED lighting fab, hoping to start production in the fall of 2014. This fab entered production later than planned, and took a long time to reach real mass production capabilities. KM has been producing panels for quite some time, but finally it is offering its panels to global customers.

Konica Minolta is currently offering four different modules - two white panels, sized 43x15 mm and 15x15 mm and a red 15x15 mm panel. The red panel can be integrated with an NFC Antenna. The panels can be flexed (40mm radius) and they all offer a brightness of 500 nits.

Konica Minolta flexible OLED panels - 2020

Konica Minolta is focused on simple flexible OLED lighting panels integrated into packaging, as you can see in the video above. KM recently sold its OLED display IP portfolio (over 700 patent families) to Merck.

Posted: Sep 28,2020 by Ron Mertens