An Audi ad at Departures magazine includes flexible OLED lighting panels

Departures magazine (a premium magazine shipped to around 25,000 American Express Platinum Card members) included an innovative ad for Audi's A8 with flexible OLED lighting panels that are activated when first opened (and also when the reader clicks on a replica Audi key that is included with the magazine).

Personally this seems to be an overly expensive and wasteful way to advertise. We do not know what kind of OLED panels are used in the ads (which was produced by US-based Structural Graphics). In 2017 Konica Minolta Pioneer OLED (KMPO) demonstrated its simple flexible OLED lighting panels integrated into packaging technology - which could be the one adopted here (although other companies have demonstrated similar solutions as well).

Aud's A8 2018 itself uses OLED lighting taillights - with four OLED modules on each side , each with 6 different structured panels - both red and yellow.

Posted: Nov 07,2018 by Ron Mertens


In the late 1990s, Esquire Magazine had a Ford ad with e-paper, similar to what the first Amazon Kindle used. The cover was a layer of cardboard and stiff paper with two e-paper displays, a small circuit board and four lithium cells soldered in. So this Audi ad is not the first.

Yes, I remember these E Ink ads (and ever reviewed them back in 2009).

The Audi x DEPARTURES magazine insert is actually the first of its kind due to the record-breaking number of LEDs Structural Graphics developed to mimic the Audi A8's unique lighting design animation, along with producing the remote control faux key fob used to trigger the display lights. This is a one-of-a-kind experience that has never been done before.