BOE shows new OLED prototypes at SID 2016

BOE Display had a large booth at SID, and the Chinese company demonstrated several new AMOLED prototypes - including large 10" panels and bendable OLEDs.

So first up we have 4.35" bendable and foldable OLED displays. The bendable panels offer a resolution of 1120x480 (HWVGA, 280 PPI) and a bending radius of 15 mm. The brightness is 350 nits. The color gamut is 100% NTSC. The foldable panels are the same - except the bending radius is much smaller at 5 mm.

BOE 4.35'' bendable AMOLED at SID 2016

In June 2015 BOE Demonstrated larger flexible OLEDs - including a 9.55" 640x432 transparent flexible panels and a 4.8" 480x800 panel. But the new displays are higher in resolution and are brighter - and hopefully closer to commercialization.

BOE 4.35'' foldable OLED at SID 2016

The second display was a 5.7" 1440x2560 (515 PPI). Like BOE's flexible panels, this panel offers a 100% NTSC color gamut and a brightness of 350 nits.

BOE 5.7'' QHD OLED at SID 2016

BOE's largest display demonstrate at SID was a 10.1" UHD OLED. This so-called "X-view" OLED offers glasses-free 3D with 2 view-points (65 cm viewing distance) and features a resolution of 3840x2160 (436 PPI) for 2D images (for 3D the PPI drops to 218 PPI). The 3D brightness is 125 nits.

BOE 10.1'' UHD AMOLED at SID 2016

BOE's smallest OLED, but maybe the one closest to production, is a 1.39" 454x454 (326 PPI) round AMOLED display for wearable applications.

BOE 1.39'' round AMOLED at SID 2016

Finally, BOE also demonstrated very nice free-form LCD displays, you can check these 7" FHD letter-shaped LCDs below:

BOE free-form LCD displays at SID 2016

BOE Display aimed to start mass producing AMOLED displays at 5.5-Gen LTPS OLED fab in Ordos in the second half of 2015, but the company is still struggling with low yields, preventing it to actually starting to ship any panels.

BOE is also constructing a Gen-6 LTPS LCD/AMOLED production line in Chengdu, China - with a projected investment of about $3.5 billion. The fab is scheduled for production in the first half of 2017, with a capacity of 45,000 monthly substrates (both OLEDs and LCDs). According to reports, BOE aims to produce flexible OLEDs at that new fab..

Besides the Ordos and Chengdu fabs, BOE is also planning a 8.5 OLED TV fab in Hefei Xinzhan, with an estimated investment of $1 billion. BOE already has a Gen-8.5 pilot line in place that was used to produce 55" 4K OLED panel prototypes demonstrated back in 2014.

Posted: Jun 04,2016 by Ron Mertens