Audi installs 15 Philips-made OLED luminaires (540 OLED panels) in a high-level conference room

Audi installed a new OLED installation in a high-level conference room (used for internal and external meetings) in their HQ at Ingolstadt. The installation includes 15 OLED luminaires, each containing 36 Philips Lumiblade GL350 OLED panels.

In total there are 540 OLED panels and the total lumens count is almost 58,000. There isn't any other functional lighting in that room, which (according to Philips) makes this the world's first usage of OLEDs as purely functional lighting.

These are first-gen GL350 panels. Each panel is 12.4x12.4 cm in size (155 cm2) with a brightness of 115 lumens. The efficiency is only 16.7 lm/W and the lifetime is 10,000 hours (LT50). In April 2013 Philips announced the Gen-2 GL350 OLED lighting panel which looks the same as the first-gen ones, but it is brighter at 200 lumens and is also more efficient (45 lm/W). This new panel will be available in Q3 2013.

Posted: Jun 10,2013 by Ron Mertens


Not to sound too negative, but I think more than anything this installations is a perfect example of the key problem OLEDs are facing in professional lighting these days:

Essentially the same installation would be possible with LEDs for a lower price and with far higher efficency. Sure the whole thing might be 1mm thicker, but honestly who is going to notice that in such an installation?

What OLED lighting really requires are new design ideas and not just more of the same "just make it thinner" approach.