This is what eMagin's OLED microdisplay VR HMD looks like

OLED Microdisplay maker eMagin recently announced a new VR head mounted display (HMD) that use the company's latest high resolution (2K by 2K) OLED microdisplays and patented optics. Last week eMagin announced it completed development of the new HMD, and here's how it looks like:

eMagin 2015 HMD prototype photo

As you can see, this is a much more elegant solution compared to most VR headsets on the market which use cellphone-sized OLED displays. The display can be flipped to an up-position (shown in the image above).

Oculus Rift HMD prototype

eMagin is very excited by this new HMD - which is said to radically improve the image quality and form factor compared to competing designs. The HMD provides 2K-resolution for each eve and a very wide field of view - over 100 degrees. It should be much more efficient, too, as the OLED microdisplays consume very little power compared to a large mobile-phone display.

Posted: May 17,2015 by Ron Mertens


I hope these microdisplays have a very high pixel fill factor, because that is quite important for the VR experience. The dreaded screen door effect, as it's described in the VR reviews. Of course price will determine if it'll become competitive in the VR market.