Verbatim announced 51 lm/W color-tunable OLED lighting panels

Verbatim announced their 3rd-Gen Velve color-tunable OLED lighting panels, and the company managed to increase the efficacy to 51.6 lm/W. The brightness is the same as in their 2nd-gen panels (2,000 cd/m2). The panels weigh 193 grams and the active area is 123x123 mm. In fact it seems to be exactly the same as their previous panels.

Verbatim did not reveal when the expect to release those panels and at what price. We don't have any technical details either, but it's likely that these are phosphorescent panels. The OLED is manufactured by Mitsubishui Chemical (Verbatim's parent company) in partnership with PioneerBack in June 2012 we posted a hands-on review of the first-gen Verbatim panels, here's a short video from that review:

Posted: Mar 07,2013 by Ron Mertens