The US DoD awards eMagin with $33.6 million to sustain and maintain its OLED microdisplay production facility

Last month OLED microdisplay maker eMagin announced that the company received a $5.5 million award from the US Department of Defense to improve eMagin’s OLED microdisplay manufacturing capabilities - which was a first phase in a three phase program.

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The DoD yesterday published the full project, a Defense Production Act Title III agreement with eMagin that has a total funding of $33.6 million (this excludes the $5.5 million announced before). The DoD wants eMagin to sustain and expand its critical industrial base production of OLED microdisplays. This project is part of the US national response to COVID-19.

eMagin Corporation will replace and update single-point-of-failure and aging equipment to reduce production downtime and increase yield and throughput. This will ensure that the US government will have access to high-performance OLED microdisplays made in the US.

Disclosure: the author of this post holds some shares in eMagin

Posted: Jul 25,2020 by Ron Mertens