LG revealed its 2017 OLED TV lineup in January at CES, but the company did not yet disclose the price or actual release date of these new TVs. A few days ago we found some initial information on Amazon.com, and today Robert Zohn from Value Electronics updated us with more details.

LG 2017 OLED TV lineup photo

Below you can see the release date and price of LG's entire 2017 OLED TV range, except the entry-level B7 TVs. Roberts though says that LG may of course change the release dates. Prices may also end up lower than official prices, this has been the case every year since LG launched its first OLED TVs in 2013.

  • OLED55C7P $3,499 Week of 2/27
  • OLED65C7P $4,499 Week of 2/27
  • OLED55E7P $4,499 Week of 4/1
  • OLED65E7P $5,999 Week of 3/20
  • OLED65G7P $6,999 Week of 3/27
  • OLED77G7P $16,999 Week of 4/24
  • OLED65W7P $7,999 Week of 2/27
  • OLED77W7P $19,999 Week of 6/26

These prices differ somewhat with what Amazon listed last week, but Amazon does not list the prices anyway (you can still see the pages here, though: 55" OLEDC7, 65" OLEDE7, 65" OLEDG7.

LG already launched the Signature OLED W (wallpaper) series in Korea - the 65" is already shipping for 14 million won ($12,300).



Final official LG OLED prices

All prices listed above are correct with the exception of the following three models that were reduced.

-  OLED55C7P $2,999

-  OLED55E7P $3,999

-  OLED65E7P $5,499

Also the 65" C7 is delayed one week so it is now scheduled to ship the week of March 6th.  W7s are now available!  


Any news on the b7p release

Atomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processesAtomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processes