OTB Display today announces that it is able to produce thin film encapsulated OLED devices that meet the shelf-life requirements for commercial use. Not only are these displays manufactured on OTB's in-line mass manufacturing equipment, but also the deposition of the thin film encapsulation has been proven to render the same optical performance as the conventional, more expensive glass-can encapsulated devices.

Barry Young, senior vice president at DisplaySearch, states: "Compared to conventional glass can encapsulation methods, thin film encapsulation substantially reduces costs by eliminating expensive parts such as glass cans, getters and epoxies. Furthermore, thin film encapsulated devices are much thinner, lighter and make more efficient use of the glass substrate, providing the most viable route towards flexible OLED displays."

Bas van Rens, CEO of OTB Display, explains: "Our integrated in-line mass manufacturing equipment now routinely produces displays which pass the accelerated shelf life of 504 hrs at 60oC / 90% humidity. In our development program we observe rapid progress and we expect to be able to announce shelf lifes exceeding 1000 hours at 85 oC/ 85% this year"

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