TADF developer Noctiluca IPOs at the Poland NewConnect stock exchange

Poland-based TADF developer Noctiluca went public at the Polish NewConnect stock exchange last week. The company now trades under the NCL ticker.

Noctiluca did not raise any funds in this IPO, as it has no need for more funds at this stage, but this move will enable some stock holders to realize their funds and other to join as stakeholders in the company.

Noctiluca develops TADF emitters and Hyperfluorescence OLED systems. The company, based in the EU, was spun-off Synthex, a top tier chemical CRO. Noctiluca developed a range of RGB TADF materials both for PVD and injket printing applications, as well as a wide offering of patent-free OLED materials available upon request. Noctiluca is now testing its materials with several OLED producers, including Tier 1 players.

Posted: Apr 14,2022 by Ron Mertens