Sony announced several new digital cameras and camcorders today, all with the same XGA (1024x768) OLED EVFs (made by Sony). First up is the A99, Sony's flagship full-frame DLSR with a 24.7 mp sensor with on-sesor phase detection, dual AF system and Full-HD (1080p@60). The A99 will ship on October 2012 for about $2,800 (body only).

The NEX-6 is a 16 mp mirrorless interchangeable lens camera that features Wi-Fi, in-camera apps and on-sensor phase detection. The NEX-6 will ship in November 2012 for $850 (body only).

Sony also announced a compact camera with a full-frame sensor and fixed 35mm f/2.0 lens, the RX1. It does not have an EVF, but Sony will offer an accessory that will sport the same XGA microdisplay, for $600. Finally, Sony announced two video cameras, both sporting the XGA OLED EVF. The NEX-VG900 is a full-frame (35mm) HD video camera that has a 24.3mp sensor, 1080p video (@24/60 fps) and special effects. The NEX-VG30 has a cropped (not full-frame) 16.1mp APS-C sensor.

The VG900 will ship in October 2012, for $3,299 (body only). The VG30 will ship in November 2012 for $1,800 (body only).