Article last updated on: Jan 15, 2018

OLED-Info has been the leading international OLED publication for over 10 years, with a readership of more than 100,000 professionals a month. We provide a multitude of services to the OLED market based on our extensive and up-to-date knowledge hub and close ties with industry leaders. Our consultancy services include market outreach assistance, display brokerage, business development, financial intermediation and more.

The OLED market is relatively new but extremely promising, with hundreds of companies active in research, development and production. Recognizing potential collaborators and clients and reaching them through a trusted source can prove key for present and prospective players in this market.

Both established and early-stage companies can benefit from our business development services, which include various means of help in entering the OLED display and lighting industries:

  • Market insights such as market size, current challenges, forecasts, major players and more
  • Strategic planning
  • Competition and applicability assessment
  • Identification of potential partners, customers and investors
  • Direct introductions to potential collaborators, suppliers, customers and investors, relying on OLED-Info’s close ties with most producers, equipment makers, chemical developers and related companies in the OLED industry
  • Documentation support (business plan, investor presentation, application papers, executive summary, online content management, etc.)
  • General counseling services

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