Samsung Electronics released its preliminary Q3 2017 financial results. Operation profits rose 15% from last quarter to reach 14.5 trillion Won (around $12.8 billion USD). Samsung's memory business enjoyed strong pricing, and while the company did not detail its smartphone sales breakdown, it said earlier that initial pre orders for the Galaxy Note 8 were the highest ever for any Note device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 photo

Samsung Display had a disappointing quarter - with profit falling 53% over last quarter. LCD panel pricing was lower in the quarter, and OLED sales were lower than expected due to delayed shipments of its flexible OLEDs to Apple.



We are waiting for OLED monitors

A tip to Samsung: release 24-27-inch OLED monitors instead of sticking to small mobile displays forever.

totally agree, properly a

totally agree, properly a 37inch 21:9 high end OLED monitor for PC and 55inch, 66inch 4K OLED for the Tv market other than giving out the market share to LG

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