Samsung Galaxy S

The Galaxy S is Samsung's latest Android phone. It has a 1 Ghz processor and a large 4" Super-AMOLED display. It also has a 'content Ecosystem' and Samsung's Social Hub. The Galaxy S can shoot HD video at 720p (with a 5mp camera).

Samsung is pushing this phone to many carriers. AT&T is selling this phone for $49.99, calling it the Samsung Captivate. Verizon are calling it the Samsung Fascinate, and offer it too. You can buy the Galaxy S unlocked for $599. Verizon are also offering another variant - the Samsung Continuum, which uses a part of the display as a 'ticker' display.

OLED type:  

4" WVGA 800 X 480 Super-AMOLED

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Posted:   Mar 24,2010 by Ron Mertens