The US federal court decided that Samsung did indeed infringe on several of Apple's patents (including the pinch-and-zoom, bounceback patent) and designs. Samsung got a $1 billion fine. Apple is seeking to ban certain Samsung products (such as the Galaxy S and the S II) from sale in the US.

This is a major win for Apple and a big loss for Samsung. Some fear that this may lead to a blow on the OLED market as well - where Android based devices (mostly made by Samsung) are the main clients of OLED displays currently. On the other hand, this may force Samsung (and other companies) to show new innovations, which perhaps may lead to faster adoption of new technologies including next-gen OLED panels (such as flexible or transparent ones).

According to Goldman Sacks, the phones in the case represent less than 5% of all phones sold by Samsung in the first half of 2012, so this isn't really meaningful in terms of device sales (the Galaxy S3 for example was not included in the case).



Samsung "Youm" amoled display is just a start!

Samsung have recently started manufacturing of "Youm" amoled displays on polyamide (and probably amrof polyamide because of amorf have higher glasstemperature than crystalline) which are 0,27mm. thin flexible displays.Even if first generation products with "Youm" flexible displays probably won´t use this flexible property in the products.

But 2nd or 3rd generation products with Samsung "Youm" flexible substrate and displays will probably use this flexible property in products.

Like Samsung Galaxy Skin, shich was a Smartphone mobile vision of future, with it´s foldable display.

In some years we will probably see Smartphones with 10" foldable superthin amoled displays!

Probably will not Apple be the largest inventor of this Smartphones with foldable amoled displays.

Samsung banned

us federal court is just b*llsh*t nd corrupted 100%

usa today is a lawless country with alot of bad hats.

I would never buy an american product if i have a choice

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