Samsung announced today that Samsung Display begun conducting business as a new independent company, formed as a merger between Samsung Mobile Display and S-LCD. Samsung says that the new company is the world's largest display maker with 39,000 employees and seven production facilities worldwide. Oh-hyun Kwon, vice chairman and CEO of Samsung Electronics, was elected CEO of Samsung Display. The corporate slogan is 'displays beyond imagination'.

The new company will produce both LCD and OLED panels for mobile devices and TVs, but it seems that the focus will be on OLEDs. Here's a quote from Samsung's PR announcing the Samsung Display spin-off back in February, stating the importance of OLED technology:

"Currently, the display market is undergoing rapid changes with OLED panels expected to fast replace LCD panels to become the mainstream. Amid this structural change of the Display industry, adopting measures for change and innovation, including business restructuring, are essential to improve our competitiveness for our Display business"

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