Samsung announced two new cameras today, and both of them has the same display: 3" VGA AMOLED (with PenTile). The NX20 is Samsung's flagship interchangeable lens camera. It has 20.3 mp APS-C CMOS sensor, has a built-in SVGA EVF, Wi-Fi, Full-HD video and the ISO range is up to 12,800.

The second camera, the NX210 is a minor upgrade to the NX200: it adds Wi-Fi and a tweaked image sensor. Other features stay the same - a 20.3 mp sensor, Full-HD videos and the same AMOLED display.

Both the NX20 and NX200 will ship in May. The NX20 will cost $1,100 and the NX200 $900 (both will ship with a 18-55mm kit lens).

Samsung also unveiled the NX1000, a budget camera that sports an LCD and not an AMOLED.